Kenneth Cowan
Teaching artist
Leuzinger High School
Los Angeles, CA

cowanstudio (at)

Selected works in progress:

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Photocopies and die-cut vinyl stickers
Dimensions variable
Edition of 10 + 1AP

This work charts the car-riding meditations of eight friends from Los Angeles. These friends accepted typed invitations to take hour-long rides around our home town.

The car was a green 1995 Honda Civic hatchback I purchased in 2003. I drove it over 120k miles in 12 years. It often felt invisible. The front passenger seat was removed long ago for extra space in the cabin. This allowed one backseat rider to fully extend their legs into a low, panoramic view through space.

"Deep maps" were created of the varied topographical routes notated with experiential, spatial, and historic details. The drawn maps will be given to their respective riders. I intend to exhibit the map set alongside die-cut vinyl sticker diagrams of the actual-size car on gallery walls and floors.
1995 Honda Civic Hatchback
Invitation (names digitally omitted)